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Over the Skillshare UX Course with Adobe XD I was given a brief to design a responsive e-commerce site and an app for a furniture company called SKANDI. The logo was provided by the author of the course, Dan Scott.

The Client

The brief included a provisional description of the persona. Our persona is called Katherine, she lives Dublin, earns 110,000k, is 57 years old and now that her children left the house, she wants to renovate the decoration of her house. She loves natural and nordic style design and uses Pinterest to collect all the decoration ideas. She prefers quality over price.

The Challenge

Create a website for desktop and mobile, plus an app where the users can buy and collect decoration ideas.


User interviews, Contextual inquiry, Card sorting, Affinity mapping, User flow, Paper Prototyping, Wireframes, Usability testing.


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

My Role

UI and UX Design.

UX UI Skandi


Research Goals

In order to understand better the market, I settled the following goals in order to proceed with the research:

  • Define the niche of the client.
  • Check the current trends of the product.
  • Understand the flow of a potential buyer: how do they search for furniture, and why they decided for a particular one. Does it come from a need or is it a personal treat?
  • Determine thus the user’s needs and frustrations.
  • Understand how users share product information between their social circle.

Competitor Analysis

UX UI Skandi

Affinity Diagram

I interviewed four people and collected their ideas and feelings linked to the experience of decorating and buying furniture for their homes. They are women between 31 and 74 years old.

UX UI Skandi

Final Insights:

  • Users value quality over price.
  • Users feel the experience of buying furniture as a personal treat and to feel better. Their current emotional status is crucial.
  • Style and design wins over price if it is attractive enough.
  • They are looking for practical furniture, eco & animal friendly.
  • Normally is a woman who decides more about the furniture and home deco.


After gathering the qualitative data, I created Katherine, the persona for this project.

UX UI Skandi


Site Map

UX UI Skandi

User Flow

I completed a user flow to imagine the way a user might navigate through the site to achieve their goals. This tool allowed me to ensure that the information was organized in a way that is intuitive to the user.

UX UI Skandi


Low Fidelity Wireframes

I began the process of wireframing with sketches of the main screens for Skandi, which are the homepage, category page and product page. During this process, I thought about how the layout and content could be structured to satisfy user and business goals in a technically feasible way. The sketches served as a guide for my digital wireframes.

UX UI Skandi

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

I created a UI requirements document to outline all of the features and elements I wanted to incorporate into the design. Once this was complete, I started creating digital wireframes for the main screens in Adobe XD.

UX UI Skandi UX UI Skandi


The logo was provided by the tutor of the UX course. I have selected the color scheme, typography and UI Kit.

UX UI Skandi

UX UI Skandi

UX UI Skandi

UX UI Skandi

UX UI Skandi